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Flow Miters Mechanical Water Meter - Watermeter with AMR

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Product Specifications

Line size: 15 to 500mm
Process connection: Thread/Flange
Temperature: upto45/ 90 Deg C
Pressure: Max 1.6MPa
Output : Mechanical/Pulse
Name: LXSZ Series Wireless Remote valve-control dry water meter
Model: LXSZ
Output Power: 50mW
Receiver: -108dB
Sensitivity: -108dB
Transmission: 165*85*111mm
Distance Dimension Clicks : 807


LXSZ series wireless remote valve-control dry water meter is high-tech integrative product. This series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology. Through microelectronic control circuits, it converts the pulse signals of traditional mechanical meter into electrical signals. Then the metering data is transmitted to background platform through GPRS network automatically, or it can be collected by a hand-held wireless unit from outside of the houses and after that downloaded to a computer through USB port

Structure and Working Theory

Inside the counter of water meter (mechanical part), there is one magnet embedded under the wheel pointer for 0.01 m3 of water and two reed switches beside each side of the wheel. Each time the pointer goes a circle, one group of two pulses is generated to represent 0.01 m3 of water being calculated. The pulses are converted to digital signals and recorded as metering data based on pre-set program. Then the metering data can be transmitted to a concentrator or hand-held unit.

  • Working Pressure : ≤1MPa;
  • Pressure Loss : ≤0.1MPa;
  • Working Temperature : cold water meter:maximum working temperature; hot water meter:30-90℃.
Electronic Parameters
  • Central Frequency: 470MHz
  • Battery:3.6V/3.3A/h
  • disposable lithium battery
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Bandwidth:64KHz
  • Power Consumption:30uA
  • Transmit Power: 50mW
  • Transmit Distance:>200m (open field)
  • Tenure of use: >6 years

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Flui-Tec is proud to introduce its range of high range of products

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