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Level Switches Solid - Rotary Paddle Switch

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Product Specifications

Diagonal blade: Stainless steel
Rotation speed : 5 r.p.m.
Admissible pressure: -0,05 a / to + 0.05bar
Admissible temperature: -20 C a / to +60 C
Contactos del microrruptor / Microswitch contacts: 6 A, 250 V ~, cos j = 1
Alimentación / Power supply: 230 V~ ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Consumo / Power consumption: 3 VA
Sección máx. cables / Max. cable size: 2,5 mm2
Entrada de cables / Thread for cable inlet: 2 de / of PG 11
Material caja / Housing: ABS con fibra de vidrio / ABS with fibreglass
Grado de protección / Weather protection: IP 51
Peso / Weigh: 0,700 Kg

The level switch is used for indicating, controlling, and regulating the level of granulated or powdered dry materials with a grain diameter up to 15 mm flowing through a silo, hopper or conduit.The device specially detects the presence or absence of product at its level.
It consists of a synchronous low speed motor reducer, which is closed inside a fibreglass reinforced plastic box, and whose shaft drives a stainless steel blade rotating outside the box.


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we will updated shortlly


The synchronous motor reducer with low speed and small torque, drives the stainless steel blade which should have been mounted so that it can rotate free inside the container when no product therein. In this situation, the microswitch inside the box supplies a given signal to the output circuit. When the product to be controlled reaches the level of the rotating blade inside the container, this blade is permanently stopped, making the microswitch position to change over and reversing the signal from the output circuit.
When the rotating blade it is free of product, it beguin to rotate, reversing again the signal in the output circuit.


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Flui-Tec is proud to introduce its range of high range of products

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