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Moiser Sensors - Mixers & Conveyors - HM08

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Product Specifications

Technology: Digital Microwave
Measuring Range: Up to saturation of Material
Output: 4 - 20 / 0 – 20mA, 0- 10V, RS485
Body Construction: SS316
Sensing Face: Ceramic
Protection Ring: Hard Steel
Temperature: 0 to +60ºC
Microwave penetration: 75 – 100mm dependent on material
Readings/second: 25
Accuracy: +/-0.2
Supply: 15 – 30 V DC


for Moisture Measurement in Mixers & Conveyors

The Hydro-Mix is a rugged, flush mounted microwave moisture measurement sensor for mixers and conveyors in process control environments. Designed by Hydronix to be installed in the turbulent environment of a mixer, the Hydro-Mix features integral signal processing and is easily connected to any control system. The sensor measures at 25 times per second which enables rapid response to any changes in moisture content, including the determination of homogeneity.

The Hydro-Mix sensor offers a choice of measurement modes for optimising the sensor performance typically for minerals such as sand, aggregates and concrete or for measuring moisture in organic materials such as grain, nuts and oil. The sensor is designed to be fitted flush within a mixer, screw conveyor (auger) or in a chute. For conveyor belt applications, the Hydro-Mix sensor is installed using the Hydro-Skid pantograph arm enabling the sensor to ride over the surface of the flowing material.

Remote configuration, calibration, diagnostics and firmware upgrades can easily be undertaken using Hydronix Hydro-Com software. This allows direct integration with any control system without the requirement of any other interface unit. Combined with on-board functionality such as signal processing, smoothing and averaging, the Hydro-Mix is simple to integrate.


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Flui-Tec is proud to introduce its range of high range of products

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